Card marking kit

  • Ultra violet pen for detecting UV fluorescent inks.
  • Anti-Stokes green phosphor powder. This phosphor will fluoresce green when excited by an infra-red laser.
  • Red filter material. With training you should be able to detect infra-red ink marks with the naked eye. These red filters are used in so-called “gimmicked” sunglasses sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by hucksters.
  • Infra red pass filter. This filter is used with a monochrome camera or a colour camera with the “hot mirror” removed. (We will supply instructions how to do this) to enable the camera to “see” in the infra-red region.
  • Infra-red ink.This ink fluoresces outside the visible light spectrum at over 750 nanometers. 
  • Deep UV green phosphor. You almost certainly will not be able to detect these phosphors. These phosphors fluoresce bright green under Deep Ultra Violet excitation. Please refer to video.
  • Red UV ink powder. These inks fluoresce bright red when excited by ultra-violet light.
  • Finger pad primarily designed for the infra-red ink.   
  • Four felt marker pen kits to enable you to make your own markers. Make up the ink, place the wick into the ink until you can see that the wick is full    
  • Standard UV ink this is the garden variety ink used to mark cards.    

Price for full kit is AUD500

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