Attendees should be at the same level of experience so that the content of any workshop can be targeted to that level.

Discussions with lumpys on risk analyses and modeling, volatility and player incentive structures will guarantee a room full of glazed-eyes and nodding heads.

Similarly, discussing the effects of card-counting and other basic advantage play techniques will have the more experienced people reaching for their iPhones.

We can break things down to three levels. (click links for more detail)

Lumpys who need an overview of all the basic advantage play techniques along with an understanding of the threat posed by those techniques.

Experienced surveillance and gaming people who have a solid understanding of the basic threats but want to look deeper into the more advanced techniques that are not only more profitable but harder to indentify. This not only includes such techniques as sequencing, tracking, clocking etc. but also the effect that player incentives have on the way the game is approached and played.

Senior management and analysts are more concerned about the math of the games. We look at volatility, risk assessment and the true cost of player incentives. We utilize the same tools being used by top-end professional players to calculate returns and establish profitable targets i.e. Brute Force Combinatorial Analysers, simulators, shuffle analysers, risk of ruin calculators, volatility analysers.


My preferred way of doing workshops.

Perhaps you're interested in only one or two topics?

You choose your own content and we go where ever it leads, to the level determined by the attendees.

In the past this format has produced some of the liveliest and most energetic I've ever been involved in and is particularly good for first-timers.


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